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DMC 3000 Personal Alarming Radiation Dosimeter


 Personal Alarming Dosimeter

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DMC 3000 Personal Self Reading Electronic Dosimeter


Mirion Technologies provides a complete line of hardware and software products targeted to Health Physics and Radiation Protection personnel, in order to meet current Nuclear Industry challenges.   Covering a wide range of X-Ray and Gamma radiation detection, the DMC 3000 Electronic Dosimeter represents over 25 years of real-world electronic dosimetry experience, continually refined through customer feedback.


The DMC3000 features a unique, high contrast and backlit LCD display and multiple methods (audible, visual, and tactile) are utilized to alert the wearer of alarm conditions.  The DMC 3000 provides all of this protection, for over 2500 hours of continuous use, with a single AAA battery.


The DMC3000 offers a complete line of attachable modules that expand the detection and communications capabilies of the dosimeter; the DMC3000 Beta Module, the DMC3000 Neutron Module and the DMC3000 Beta Telemetry Module.

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