FLIR FIDO C1 - Chemical Point Detection CAD Kit - Agentase CAD-Kit





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FIDO C1 Chemical Agent Point Detection


 Chemical Agent 
Point Detection

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FIDO C1 Chemical Agent Point Detection




The FIDO C1 Agentase™ CAD-Kit provides first responders with the ability to conduct surface, solid and liquid interrogation of nerve (G&V series), blood (AC) and blister (HD) agents, acids, bases, aldehydes and oxidizers. This kit provides accurate results in field environments, improves detection limits to rival those of expensive handheld electronic testing devices and provides fast signals that are easy to interpret. The simplicity of this kit makes it user friendly for the entire first responder community. Unlike other field detection equipment, the Agentase CAD-Kit has extremely low rates of false positives and negatives.


The Agentase CAD-Kit accurately and rapidly characterizes unknown samples in the field. While sensors are used to directly look for low levels of agent contamination on surfaces, the Agentase CAD-Kit also includes a sampling device for unknown solids and liquids. The sampler is used to collect a field sample and dispense a portion of the collected sample to each of the sensors.




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