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 FLIR identiFINDER2 (R400) SPRD



 Spectroscopic Personal
Radiation Detector - SPRD

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FLIR identiFINDER R200 Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector SPRD 


The identiFINDER R200 is a rugged, pager-sized Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD). The R200 provides full ANSI N42.32 Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) compliance and features next-generation solid state detector read-out technology that delivers ANSI N42.48 SPRD compliance with nuclide identification. The clear user interface and simple data presentation common to all identiFINDER products allow it to quickly integrate with existing operational protocols and reduce the training burden.


The ability to identify specific gamma sources enables front-line responders to perform immediate detection and response during a radiological event. FLIR's new SiPM technology in combination with Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector provides high-fidelity identification (≤7.5% resolution) so front-line officers can quickly determine whether a radiation source is a true threat or benign source from medical patients, normally occurring radiation, or industrial use. The identiFINDER R200 uses this next-generation solid state detector read-out technology to advance a radiological event from “alarm and wait” to “identify and take action.”




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