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RadComm is the leader in the design, manufacture and service of highly sensitive radiation detection systems for a variety of applications in many industries. Flexibility, versatility and the ability to customize detection solutions for specific customer applications is what makes RadComm a unique supplier to the industry. RadComm has over twenty five years of proven field experience with over 3,000 large-scale installations in over thirty countries worldwide.


RadComm’s commitment to innovation continues with their development of a new Supervisory Panel that allows Radiation Safety Officers (RSO's) to monitor multiple systems in a facility from one interface. This simplifies the management of several radiation detection systems within large and complex customer plants. The Panel supports remote access to each individual system for maintenance and changes, enables real-time access and monitoring, receives alerts from each system and enables RSOs to ensure ongoing integrity of their radiation detection processes across their firms. This system has been implemented at Gerdau MacSteel and during their recent ISO audit, was recommended to be the standard across all plants.


At RadComm, product innovation is seen as the result of bringing to life a new way to solve a customer’s problem that benefits both the customer as well as RadComm. This has been the perspective that we have always taken with the evolution of our products and services and is exemplified in the industry leading RC-4000 vehicle monitoring systems. In current development is a new magnet based system, which will provide the steel industry a vital defense in protecting their plants from radioactive contamination in the development of our revolutionary Cricket Radiation Detection System. A tremendous need was recognized in the steel industry to be able to monitor scrap at close proximity prior to loading it into hi-vol vehicles or charge buckets. There was a gap in this area as most radiation detection systems had only provided an area monitor from a great distance. RadComm developed a new innovative approach to this gap by developing a system that could be mounted on a grapple and would allow close proximity scans to the scrap without disruption to ongoing production processes. This system has now been implemented across a number of steel companies with great success.







The RC1000 series of radiation detection systems have been designed for lower density materials such as waste and light/bulky scrap material. The vehicle size and type will help determine the appropriate detector panel size (34L or 69L). The RC1000 detection systems all utilize RadComm’s high quality specially prepare Polyvinyl Toluene (PVT) scintillators. The proprietary PVT design has been optimized to allow maximum light output during scintillation events. The RC1000 is based on “Rate-Meter” technology. This technology requires a minimal calibration on system startup.


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The RC2000 Series provides an extremely high degree of detection capability for a wide range of radioactive elements commonly associated with scrap metal. The RC2000 Series utilizes proven signal processing alarm algorithms with a large volume of high grade specially prepared scintillation material. The detection system then incorporates a dual detector arrangement with high gain, low noise, photo multiplier tubes (PMT’s) and infrared vehicle presence sensors that enable the system to better focus on the specific background radiation levels as the vehicle travels between the detector panels


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The RC4000 Series of radiation detection systems have been specifically designed to detect radioactive materials

contained in a moving vehicle loaded with scrap material.  The system design is modular, flexible and customizable, offering multiple detector configurations to meet site specific applications. The RC4000 incorporates only the highest quality of components and software/hardware technology available today.  The detector assemblies provide an extremely high degree of detection capability for a wide range of radioactive elements commonly associated with scrap metal. The detectors utilize large plastic scintillation panels that are sensitive to Ionizing radiation.


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RADCOMM RC2W34 Vehicle Radiation Waste Monitor





The RC2W34 Waste Radiation Detection System is a precise and innovative instrument specifically designed to detect radioactive material in a moving vehicle containing waste and scrap. The revolutionary design of the  RC2W34 incorporates 20 years of engineering design and proven field application experience. The RC2W34 incorporates state-of-the-art components and software. The end-user will have a clear understanding of the RC2W34 operations without a background in computer science or physics.


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RadComm - RadLink Embedded Controller

RadLink Embedded


 The RadLink Embedded Controller supplied by RadComm provides power and control capabilities to the RadComm radiation detection system. The controller allows a display to be connected to either of the VGA ports on the back of the box. There are dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for Internet/network connectivity. The unit can be mounted to a wall if desired. Ethernet and wireless connectivity for online customer support and a standard data management that can store up to 180,500 scans a year (500 daily scan average).


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RC17 WatchDog



The RC17 WatchDog Radiation Detection System was designed specifically for the waste, scrap and recycling industry to provide the absolute highest level of radioactive source detection in real-time for small to medium size weigh scale applications.


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RC99 RadPASS Covert Traffic Radiation Monitor




The RC99 RadPASS is designed to provide an economical and extremely robust system for covert radiation monitoring of vehicles at a permanent control points or for security operations at special events. The sensitive and durable Polyvinyl Toluene (PVT) sensors are concealed in our specially designed housing allowing for inconspicuous monitoring of radioactive material or threats.


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The CRICKET radiation detection system is designed specifically to meet the needs of the scrap, steel and waste industries. The CRICKET’s revolutionary, yet simple design provides an optimum level of detection capability for low intensity radioactive sources, on a continuous basis, in applications where radiation detection systems have never existed before. The level of detection capability will far exceed any conventional radiation detection system, including detection systems that are mounted on the boom of a crane, regardless of the detector size.


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RC4000 - Conveyor


The RC4000 Conveyor Radiation Detection System consists of two main components - the RCD conveyor radiation detectors and RC4000 Control Console. RCD radiation detectors are mounted on the infeed conveyor to the shredder and downstream conveyor after the shredder. The RCD detectors are connected to the RC4000 console via a low voltage signal communication cable. The signal cable utilizes double-shielded, multiple twisted-pair conductors that carry low voltage DC power and logic levels that are virtually immune from electrical noise


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The SYCLONE is a highly sensitive portable Gamma-Ray spectrometer capable of identifying single or multiple isotopes simultaneously.  It is a highly accurate device for identifying single or multiple isotopes even with weak gamma emissions, and has accurate radiation dose assessment. The mechanical assembly of the SYCLONE is robust and designed for field applications where harsh environments are commonplace.


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GR-135/SYCLONE RIID Upgrade-Retrofit Program

GR-135/SYCLONE Upgrade/Retrofit


LAURUS Systems offers an advanced upgrade and retrofit spectrometer technology that allows specific components of existing spectrometers to be retrofitted into RadComm’s State-of-the-Art SYCLONE series of portable RIID's (handheld radio-isotope identification device). We now have the ability to upgrade and retro fit existing and potentially out of date or inoperable GR-135™ handheld spectrometers to the SYCLONE's advanced technology. By redeploying specific components from the older devices, we can now offer the end user a fundamentally brand new instrument. The end result is an instrument that carries a full warranty at a fraction of the acquisition cost typically associated with new devices of this type.


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RC2 Plus


The RC2 Plus is a reliable and rugged handheld radiation detector with “Search and Find” capability.  It has been designed to detect very low radiation intensity levels from radioactive materials. The RC2 is an extremely effective handheld detector that utilizes a large 32 cu.in. (0.54L) internal PVT plastic scintillation detector, a common material found in most larger vehicle monitoring systems.


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RC2 Advanced

RC2 Plus



The RC2 Plus Advanced  is an upgrade option from the RC2 Plus Basic Total-Count version. The Basic version tracks the total count rate produced by all of gamma energies during the scanning period and automatically sets an alarm threshold over the background count rate average. The Advanced ROI Analyses versions allows the operator to see the distributed of measured radiation energies in a histogram where specific Regions Of Interest (R.O.I.) can be selected for desired energy ranges applicable to the requirement.


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The MSpec portable Fast Responding Gamma Spectrometer and Dose Rate Meter will instantly measure any material for the presence of radioactivity whether it is general waste, medical waste, or scrap metal. Operation of the MSpec is completely automatic once the easy-to-set operational parameters have been decided upon.


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The RADSampler is a compact yet highly sensitive laboratory gamma spectrometer. Developed as a desktop unit it quickly and accurately analyzes of any small object to ensure it is free of radioactive contaminates. The RADSampler’s lead lined analyzer chamber virtually eliminates ambient background radiation producing ultra-clean, highly accurate test results.


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The RadLab spectrometer utilizes only highest quality Thallium doped Sodium Iodide crystal, combined with state-of-the-art electronics and software. The result is the ability to identify multiple isotopes and determine specific activity levels in the sample. Results are quickly displayed and a report is generated.

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RHandy Portable

Radiation Detector

The RHandy is a very user friendly and economical solution for those requiring an accurate and fast responding portable radiation and contamination monitor.  This portable handheld instrument will instantly detect and measure radioactivity and radioactive materials on clothing, food, water and the environment.  With features found in instruments costing much more, the RHandy is one of the most versatile instruments available today.


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RC22 & 23 Wand



A robust, durable, and versatile handheld instrument, the RC22 and RC23 Wands expand the “Search and Find” capability by allowing the user to monitor areas that have been previously inaccessible. Like it's big brother, the RC2, it is capable of detecting low radiation intensity levels from radioactive materials buried in scrap metal. Available in multiple detector volumes and telescoping lengths.


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