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 RadComm RHandy Handheld Radiation and Contamination Monitor


Portable Radiation &
Contamination Monitor

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RadComm RHandy Portable Radiation & Contamination Monitor 


The RHandy is a very user friendly and economical solution for those requiring an accurate and fast responding portable radiation and contamination monitor. This portable handheld instrument will instantly detect and measure radioactivity and radioactive materials on clothing, food, water and the environment.


The user selectable alarm thresholds can be set to the desired radiation levels or the recommended factory default alarm thresholds can be used. Operation of the RHandy is completely automatic once the easy-to-set operational parameters have been configured. Simply position the unit in close proximity to the object that needs to be scanned and listen for the varying audio alarm to sound and observe the large easy to read display.


In addition to the quick response, the RHandy can be used to monitor and record accumulated dose. Measure not only personal absorbed dose, but locate the unit near the air intake of a building for the tracking of accumulated dose of air filters or intake pathways. Tracking of an air intake filter will provide vital information in determining when to shut down a system or when to change the filter.




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