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Rad-DX SafeGuard Real-time Remote Radiation Monitor 

Real-time Remote 
Radiation Monitor

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Rad-DX SafeGuard Environmental Radiation Monitor

The Rad-DX SafeGuard is a state-of-the-art radiation area monitor that provides real-time detection, data collection, and location of radiation threats across any area. It is based on the Rad-DX wireless radiation area monitor.  The SafeGuard is a mesh networked radiation detector with a sensitive scintillation detector which allows it to detect discreet sources of radiation in less than one second. SafeGuard incorporates the exclusive D-tect SensorNet mesh network, an automatic communication network that allows users to monitor a full network of Rad-DX SafeGuard devices.


The Rad-DX SafeGuard system has the capacity to provide radiation readings from any remote location.  The real-time threat assessment can be determined over a large area via wireless communications. The Rad-DX SafeGuard system also incorporates a sensitive scintillation detector and Si detector (1 uR/Hr to 100 mR/Hr.  The SafeGuard network can be established in a fixed or mobile mode, which can be configured and reconfigured, depending upon your detection objectives. 


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