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Rad-DX -  Innovative, Compact & Sensitive Radiation Monitor


Wireless Mesh Networked 
Radiation Monitor

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Rad-DX Mesh Networked Radiation Monitor



The Rad-DX is a wireless mesh networked radiation detector with a sensitive scintillation detector which allows it to detect discreet sources of radiation in less than one second.   The Rad-DX can be ordered with an intuitive high resolution touch screen display and also with a more discrete and unobtrusive non-display version.  Directionality is also an option to enable the tracking and motion of radiation sources.


The Rad-DX operates on the new and exclusive D-tect SensorNet - an automatic communication network that allows users to monitor a full network of Rad-DXs as long as they are in range of a single Rad-DX system (up to 1000 meters)! The Rad-DX units will automatically form an intelligent, self-healing mesh network, allowing them to be constantly connected to each other as well as to the user network.

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