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 RadComm NeuSpec Spectroscopic Radiation Vehicle Portal Monitor


Advanced Spectroscopic
Vehicle Portal Monitor

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RadComm NeuSpec Advanced Spectroscopic  Radiation Vehicle Portal Monitor


The RadComm NeuSpec Advanced Spectroscopic Radiation Vehicle Portal Monitor has been specifically designed to enhance a radiation detection systems ability to recognize interferences from specific Gamma energies which have adversely affected alarm thresholds. NeuSpec utilizes of series of advanced isotopic identification algorithms in conjunction with RadCommís industry-leading and proven Region of Interest (R.I.O.) analyses, which have been successfully utilized in PVT based systems for more than 15 years.


NeuSpec incorporates state-of-the-art large volume sodium iodide crystals which produce Photo-Peaks providing high quality signal output and very fine spectroscopic analyses. Detailed isotopic identification can be performed in real-time, and on a continuous basis, significantly improving noise cancelation and restoration of ambient background caused by severe fluctuations and changes from material density and atmospheric changes. Instant reconstruction of the ambient background results in a significant improvement in alarm threshold settings, especially for soft Gamma energies while minimizing the number of false alarms, even at the higher detection capabilities.


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