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 RadComm RC2W34 Vehicle Radiation Waste Monitor


Vehicle Radiation
Waste Monitor

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RADCOMM RC2W34 Vehicle Radiation Waste Monitor


The RC2W34 Waste Radiation Detection System is a precise and innovative instrument specifically designed to detect radioactive material in a moving vehicle containing waste and scrap. The revolutionary design of the RC2W34 incorporates 20 years of engineering design and proven field application experience.


The RC2W34 incorporates state-of-the-art components and software. The end-user will have a clear understanding of the RC2W34 operations without a background in computer science or physics. The RC2W34 uses “rate-meter” concept so that once the operational parameters have been established the system will provide automated scanning without operator interaction. The RC2W34 WASTE simply collects data on continuous bases from each detector assembly in the system and automatically sets up alarm thresholds according to the set parameters. In the event radiation has been detected in vehicle a varying audio frequency and change count-rate on the display will warn the operator of the detection.


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