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 RadComm SYCLONE Handheld Spectrometer


Portable Handheld
Spectrometer - RIID

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SYCLONE Handheld Isotope Identifier - RIID


The SYCLONE is a highly sensitive handheld Gamma-Ray spectrometer capable of identifying single or multiple isotopes simultaneously. The SYCLONE also provides the user with various functions such as Search and Find, Optional Neutron Detection, Rate Meter, Nuclide ID, Dose Rates and accumulated Dose.


The SYCLONE utilizes the highest quality Thallium doped Sodium Iodide crystal, combined with an integral high signal to noise ratio PMT and state-of-the-art electronics and embedded microcontroller firmware. All of these enhanced features allow the SYCLONE to be one of the most accurate portable Gamma-Ray spectrometers when it comes to identifying specific and/or multiple isotopes even with weak gamma sources. The mechanical assembly of the SYCLONE is robust and designed for field applications where harsh environments are commonplace.


The operating system utilizes sensible easy to read and follow Menus. The multi-position joystick and large LCD backlit display provides easy navigation through menu selections. Detailed spectral information is clearly and precisely displayed so knowledgeable users have the ability to visually identify peaks in the histogram. Various on-screen messages assist the user when immediate attention is required for issues such as preset timing, high radiation levels, alarm settings and warning messages.




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