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Handheld Isotope Identification - Upgrade/Retro Fit Program


RIID Upgrade and Retro-Fit


SYCLONE Information

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Exclusive Breakthrough Upgrade Program...


Retro-Fit old technology to maximize resources


RadComm has developed an advanced spectrometer technology that allows specific components of existing spectrometers to be retrofitted into RadCommís State-of-the-Art SYCLONE series of portable RIID's (handheld radio-isotope identification device).  We now have the ability to upgrade and retro fit existing and potentially out of date or inoperable GR-135ô handheld spectrometers to the SYCLONE's advanced technology.  


By redeploying specific components from the older devices, we can now offer the end user a fundamentally brand new instrument.  Our exclusive process involves incorporating the existing fully functioning sensors (including He3 and moderators if applicable) with new sate-of-the-art electronics, boards, and display as well as a more durable and ergonomic case.  The end result is an instrument that carries a full warranty at a fraction of the acquisition cost typically associated with new devices of this type. 


Let us help you maximize your budget dollars by upgrading your old technology to the lightweight and durable SYCLONE.  Depending on the instrument version and detection requirements (gamma or gamma/neutron), the cost for this upgrade is less than one third of the cost of the new instruments.   



Detect and identify specific radioactive isotopes in a sample


The SYCLONE Gamma-Ray spectrometer utilizes the highest quality Thallium doped Sodium Iodide crystal, combined with an integral high signal to noise ratio PMT and state-of-the-art electronics and embedded microcontroller firmware. All of these enhanced features allow the SYCLONE to be one of the most accurate portable Gamma-Ray spectrometers when it comes to identifying specific and/or multiple isotopes even with weak gamma sources. The mechanical assembly of the SYCLONE is robust and designed for field applications where harsh environments are commonplace.


Simplified and Flexible


The SYCLONE operating system utilizes sensible easy to read and follow Menus. The multi-position joystick and large LCD backlit display provides easy navigation through menu selections. Detailed spectral information is clearly and precisely displayed so knowledgeable users have the ability to visually identify peaks in the histogram. Various on-screen messages assist the user when immediate attention is required for issues such as preset timing, high radiation levels, alarm settings and warning messages.  






  • Expansive isotope library

  • Very lightweight, ergonomic, and extremely durable

  • Internal Lithium Ion rechargeable battery

  • RGB color LCD 320x240 resolution, bright and easy to read backlight display

  • Simple and user friendly 4 position joystick

  • Straight forward and easy to follow menus

  • Large internal memory


Remote SYCLONE PC Spectral Analysis and Data Storage Software


The SYCLONE is equipped with a high capacity internal memory that allows large amounts of data to be stored by record #, date and time. Stored data such as spectral and dose rate information can be easily downloaded to a PC via a mini USB or Bluetooth. The downloaded data can then be displayed and managed with the powerful SYCLONE PC software. Primary features such as the selection and highlighting of R.O.I. details and Zoom In/Out of the gamma energy histogram can be easily performed. The SYCLONE PC software has all the necessary features that will meet the needs of virtually any user.


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