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D-Tect Mini rad-D Personal Radiation Detector


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The Mini rad-D Finds Hidden Radioactive Materials, Anywhere, anytime...


The Mini rad-D is a rugged, all-weather radiation detector that’s small enough to wear on a belt yet powerful enough to quickly locate low-level and discrete radioactive sources. The mini will operate well even among crowds of thousands of people or warehouses with thousands of packages. Designed to monitor any environment without intrusion or disruption of civilian activities, the Mini rad-D can be set to notify the user by vibration or audible alarm whenever radiation exceeds natural background levels. The Mini rad-D is as easy to use as a flashlight. And requires just about as much training. It has a single switch that puts it into audible alarm mode, vibrate alarm mode, or turns it off.


The Mini automatically calibrates itself to the natural background radiation, maximizing its detection sensitivity in any radiation environment. What happens when the Mini detects radiation? It will alarm or vibrate, depending which mode it is in and display a simple intensity number of a “1” to a “9” on a large, bright, easy to read LED display. The Mini rad-D’s simple, single digit, makes protocol and procedure training as easy as “if it shows a 4 or larger, do this...” The Mini is designed to work in all weather conditions, survive submersion, survive a 3 ft drop onto concrete, and work in high-density RF environments, including alongside powerful transmitters. It uses two AA batteries to provide a battery life of over 2 years used 48 hrs/week. That’s over 6 months if used 24/7.   The Mini rad-D now boasts a full two (2) year factory warranty.


- Easy to use

- Works in all weather and temperatures

- 2 year battery life

- Extremely rugged

- Loud alarm and vibrating mode 

- Bright display

- Adaptable for use near X-ray machines

- Ideal for:

    - First responders

    - Vehicle/cargo inspectors

    - Customs agents

    - HAZMAT teams

    - Inexperienced users




.5“ diam x 1.5“ (1.3 cm diam x 3.8 cm) Cesium Iodide Scintillation detector with high sensitivity photo-multiplier tube

Energy Range:

30 keV - 3 Mev


Intense, large LED display


Two AA batteries

Battery Life:

5,000 hours

Response Time:

Less than 1 second




3.7” x 2.5” x 1.2” (94mm x 64mm x 30mm)


0.4 lbs (0.2 kg)


Driving Rain -10º F to 122º (-23º C to 50º C) 3 ft (91 cm) drop onto concrete Operates in high RF environments;

IP 65 Compliant as described in IEC529





The mini rad-D comes with the “1” to “9” scale calibrated to a standard scale. If desired, the mini rad-D can be configured with a custom scale to meet your specific detection level requirements.




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