1703 MO

PM 1703 MO PRD-Dosimeter

A new generation gamma PRD/Dosimeter with Improved search algorithm and NORM suppress function.  The instrument is used for detection and localization of gamma radioactive sources and measurement of personal dose equivalent rate (DER) and personal dose equivalent (DE). A wide measurement range of gamma radiation DER and DE is provide by built-in GM detector.

The implemented suppress NORM algorithm allows to define the category of detected radiation material providing the light alarm differentiating the danger level: green– Natural Occurring Materials (NORM), red – other radionuclides types (IND, NUC, MED).  In the search mode the instrument displays the current value of gamma and neutron radiation in counts per second. The instrument measures the current dose rate in µSv/h or µrem/h with indication on LCD in µR/h in the measurement mode, and in numerical range from 0 to 9 in additional measurement mode: “Mode 0…9”.

The audio, visual and vibration alarms alert the user about gamma radiation thresholds excess. The events history is stored in the instrument non-volatile memory. The stored data can also be transferred from the detector to a PC via USB or Bluetooth (PM1703GNA-II BT).  Device can exchange data with mobile devices in real time via ® Bluetooth 4.0. Free mobile app POLISMART is available at App Store and Google Play.

The instrument is user-friendly, highly sensitive, waterproof and shockproof. No special training to operate with the instrument is required.

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