FevIR Scan2 Mask Detection

FevIR Scan2 Mask Detection

December 4, 2020

Thermoteknix adds mask detection to its FevIR Scan 2 temperature screening technology in fight against coronavirus (CoVID-19).  New face mask detection technology launched in response to US President-elect Joe Biden’s plans to mandate mask wearing nationwide.

The release of the new face mask detection technology comes hot on the heels of news that US President-elect Joe Biden plans to promote mask wearing in public during the first 100 days in office to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

The new mask detection technology identifies individuals wearing a face covering and distinguishes those not wearing a mask, or not wearing a mask correctly at temperature screening stations under varying levels of ambient lighting. Conventional temperature screening systems do not include mask detection and depend on high illumination of the subject for effective operation.

This new technology signals an important breakthrough as governments around the world continue to modify mandates on mask wearing, social distancing and public health initiatives.

Thermoteknix has been pioneering thermal imaging technology for more than 30 years and first introduced elevated skin temperature screening systems in response to SARS in 2003. Thermoteknix has continued to develop technology that is helping businesses adapt to shifting pandemic protocols.

The company hit international headlines earlier this year, at the start of the pandemic, as demand soared for its FevIR Scan 2 ̶ rapid non-contact elevated skin temperature triage system ̶ from companies around the world seeking to implement screening technologies to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and customers.

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