The Gamma PAL is a complete portable measuring system for analyzing radiation contamination in food, such as milk, meat, fish, grain, fruit, and vegetables, as well as soil, water, air and other materials. It allows users to directly and easily perform quick, reliable measurements in Bq/l or Bq/kg and identify the isotopes present in potentially contaminated material using one of three pre-calibrated geometries.

Radioactive material in the sample is detected with a 2×2 sodium iodide scintillation probe using a Marinelli geometry for soil, later,  and bulk samples or a 2-inch filter geometry for wipes and air samples.The 500ml beaker is placed in a 1-inch thick lead shield. Depending on the sampling time and the isotope, the detection limit is approximately 60-100 Bq/l and can easily identify concentrations of Iodine 131, Cesium 134, and Cesium 137.