MUVE C360 Gas Detector for UAS

Muve C360 Gas Detector for UAS

The FLIR MUVE C360 is a multi-gas detector completely integrated with an unmanned aerial system (UAS) to provide real-time continuous monitoring of chemical hazards while on the move. The sensor block boasts 8-channels, which includes a photoionization detector (PID), Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) detector, and five other electrochemical sensors. The MUVE C360 sensor block quickly latches to a proprietary integration dock mounted to the UAS. The FLIR calibration station features the same dock, so the operator can easily connect for routine sensor verification. Sensor readouts are prioritized based on alarm conditions and are displayed real-time through the pilot’s user interface. The MUVE C360 is a time saving, gamechanger for emergency responders, industrial safety officers, and environmental monitoring experts.