RadComm RC4000-M Mobile Vehicle Radiation Monitor


LAURUS Systems offers the RadComm RC4000-M Mobile Vehicle Radiation Monitor.  Detect and monitor radiation and radioactive material for steel, foundry and security with a mobile format.  The RC4000-M Series monitors are the only mobile RPM’s (Radiation Portal Monitors) on the market that utilize RadComm’s most advanced vehicle radiation monitoring system technology. The system is specifically designed to detect discreet quantities of radioactive material contained in a moving vehicle or container. The innovative design of the RC4000 is the result of over 20 years of engineering design and field application experience that has provided the Metals Industry with the best proven safety record to-date. The RC4000 incorporates state-of-the-art components and the most advanced software/hardware technology currently available worldwide.

The Mobile features of the M-Series allow for transportability and ease of deployment in multiple locations. No site work, additional construction or infrastructure modifications are needed. The system is completely modular and mobile which provide the flexibility for the monitoring of any size vehicle at multiple locations with less resources required for engineering and installation.