Mirion RDS-31 Modular Radiation Survey Meter


RDS-31iTx/iTxSD meters are small handheld, battery operated survey instruments using an energy compensated GM-tube or PIN diode as primary detector. Due to its versatile functions and durability it is suited for a wide range of applications in civil defense, industrial and laboratory use etc. It helps in making real time decisions quickly, providing real time survey data. It also reduces critical work time and most importantly enhances safety and ALARA procedures.

RDS-31iTx/iTxSD feature excellent ergonomics; light weight and easy handling, with visual and audible alarms and internal vibrator. The large graphic display with Energy Save Backlight is well visible even in sunny conditions due to the illumination control.  To extend the capabilities of the instrument, external probes from GMP-12/GMP-25/GMP-11-3 series, and CSP™ probes SAB-100, SABG-100, SG-1/2R, SX-2R and SN-S can be connected to RDS-31 meter directly through binder connector.