LAURUS Systems Offers Installation and Training for all Products

Product Service:

Instruments from LAURUS Systems, such as electronic alarming dosimeters and survey meters come with a one year manufacturer warranty. The manufacturers recommend calibration on a yearly basis for most instruments. There is no other regular maintenance or adjustment needed on the Radiation Detection Instruments.

LAURUS Systems meets all your service needs and offers calibration and maintenance service on all types of radiation detection instruments-including those we don’t offer for sale. For pricing and return information, please call 410-465-5558 or send a request to our service team.

Click here to access manuals – demo software – training information – calibration procedures and other documents.

Attention ICX-FLIR-THERMO- customers!

LAURUS Systems has various Maintenance Agreement Plans available for your IdentiFINDER, NanoRAIDER, Interceptor, Raider and RadHUNTER instruments. In addition we offer full service Optimization Plans FACTORY DIRECT. These Optimizations are preformed at the factory so you have the latest firmware updates available.

Why is an optimization necessary?

One of the main reasons why an identiFINDER should be returned to factory for annual maintenance is due to changes to the characteristics of the detector. This can be due to the aging affect of the detector or through accidental damage (dropped instrument) to the detector which may result in poor identifications or even misidentifications. Therefore regular maintenance at the factory is necessary for optimal instrument performance.

What is included in an optimization?

  • Firmware upgrade to latest version available
  • Optimization of gamma dose rate
  • Optimization of neutron count rate (if applicable)
  • Optimization of linearity for optimal identification results
  • Background measurement of internal source (if applicable) to subtract from spectrum for optimal identification results
  • Optimization of LED (if applicable)
  • Quality control of instrument and accessories to ensure that they meet manufacturer’s specifications

What is optimization with Internal Backup Battery replacement?

  • The backup battery is NOT the rechargeable battery pack (powerPACK-ultra) or the non-rechargeable battery pack (powerPACK-2)
  • The backup battery is the internal lithium battery for the volatile memory. We do recommend that this battery be replaced periodically. If the backup battery is down, then any saved spectral data will be lost after powering down the instrument.

Instrument and Technology Updates/Upgrades

Instruments and technology are constantly changing and evolving. For a current list of updates and upgrades currently available on-line, click here and choose the appropriate instrument or product. If you have any additional questions or require assistance, please contact LAURUS directly.


Product training is available for all instrumentation and software. Instrument training is conducted by qualified Health Physics and Radiation Safety professionals. In addition installation and training is available for all of the software products offered by LAURUS Systems.

Self-Training through CD-ROM is available for many of the products as well.

Safety and Security:

Radiological Response Programs and Safety Assessments are available through one of LAURUS Systems’ partner firms – for more information contact us at 410-465-5558.


Instrument training: Pricing is provided on a case by case basis. The minimum price is $800 per day for in person training.

Instrument Service: There is a minimum fee of $35 for evaluation of a Dosimeter. Other prices vary per type of Instrument. Repair estimates are provided prior to completing the repair and the evaluation fee will apply to the repair cost.

Instrument Calibration: Call for price update on your instruments! RADOS, MGP, ICx/FLIR, D-Tect, Thermo, WB Johnson, ORTEC, SE International., Ludlum, Canberra, etc.

Please Note: All returns must include a purchase order – please call for instructions or download Service Order Forms – Click here for Service and Credit Card Order Forms