Industry Based Solutions

Industries served by Laurus systems

LAURUS serves an expansive customer base in many disciplines and industries in the U.S. and abroad including but not limited to Federal, State and Local Governments, defense and law enforcement agencies, military installations, national labs, hospitals, commercial manufacturing and processing entities, scrap metal and steel, recycling and municipal waste and environmental applications.

LAURUS Systems offers a significant range of products and services that includes handheld instruments and fixed systems for the detection, monitoring and identification of radiation and radioactive materials. We also offer monitors and systems for chemical detection and identification as well as sampling and testing devices for biological agents. Our services include instrument service, instrument maintenance, radiation instrument calibration and radiation instrument and radiological theory and awareness training.

Our mission is to serve the needs of the customer as a solutions oriented provider. Unlike a manufacturer, LAURUS can offer options and support when choosing the right tool or combination of tools to best suit the specific needs of the end user. LAURUS can supply several products from different manufacturers to configure custom kits and to ensure the deployment of the best instrumentation for the application. If you do not find your particular industry or application listed, or exactly what you are looking for, please call for more information. L AURUS offers many products, some of which are not listed on the website due to lack of space.

New Products

Working every day to solve new challenges by finding innovative radiation, chemical and trace detection solutions and products to meet the needs of our customers.