LAURUS Systems Inc., located in Ellicott City, Maryland, is a private, woman-owned small business concern. LAURUS Systems has been in business since June of 2001 providing sales and service of high quality dosimeters, PRD’s, radiation detection instruments , radiation monitoring systems, radioisotope identification, chemical detection, GC/MS systems, bomb detection and bio threat and bio-terrorism detection and sampling systems.

We offer a significant range of services that include instrument maintenance, radiation instrument calibration, radiation instrument and radiation awareness training and consulting. LAURUS boasts an expansive customer base in the U.S. and abroad including federal, state and local agencies, military installations, national labs, hospitals and commercial manufacturing and processing entities.

Our mission is to serve the needs of the customer. We are a solutions oriented provider. Unlike the manufacturer’s we can offer a choice and assist the customer in choosing the right tool for the job by offering several products from different manufacturers, building custom kits and supplying the best instrumentation for the application.

LAURUS pledges to meet the needs of the customer and takes an innovative approach to this business model by representing only those manufacturers that meet or exceed the following benchmarks:

A demonstrated commitment to the product and responsiveness to the customer.

Provide only high quality, durable equipment.

Meet or exceed applicable industry standards; mil-specs, ANSI, NRC etc.

LAURUS Systems, Inc. has built a solid reputation on fair pricing, quality products and understanding and most importantly, responding to the needs of the customer. We are pleased to offer our products under Schedule 84 the General Services Administration (GSA) Contract.

A variety of industries currently benefit from the use of our Radiation Detection Products and Software Solutions