6150 AD/5 EX

6150 AD/5 EX Intrinsically Safe Radiation Detector

The 6150AD5/Ex is a portable, battery operated dose rate meter to measure photon radiation (gamma and X radiation). It is especially designed to be used in Ex-areas. An Ex-area is a hazardous location which may contain a fire or explosion hazard due to the presence of flammable substances (gases, vapors, combustible dust).

A built-in GM counting tube (type ZP1310) serves to measure dose rates up to 1 Sv/h. At dose rates lower than 0.2 mSv/h dose rate indication fluctuates by more than 5% around its average value making accurate readings more difficult. Therefore, the probe 6150AD-18/Ex is available as an optional accessory for low dose rates. The probe connects to the meter through a probe cable of up to 10 m length. The probe 6150AD-18/Ex has a larger counting tube (type ZP1200) which only covers dose rates up to 10 mSv/h, but which is better suited for low levels because of its higher sensitivity.