Coriolis COMPACT Microbial Air Sampler

CORIOLIS COMPACT Microbial Air Sampler

The Coriolis® Compact is a dry cyclonic collector intended for unicrobial air monitoring. Light and compact, it can be easily transported and positioned on strategic places for indoor and outdoor sampling. Its innovative dry cyclonic technology aspirates the particles with an airflow of 50L/m & centrifuges them in a cone. The collected particles or microorganisms can then be recovered by rinsing consumable with appropriate buffer solution, so the sample is compatible with multiple downstream analysis (NGS, qPCR, Culture). The Coriolis® Compact gives access to highly sensitive and specific results in only a few hours.

Due to an improved battery autonomy, it performs up to 8 hours of continuous sampling. Bertin provides single use consumable to avoid cross contamination.

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