The Cricket radiation detection system is designed specifically to meet the needs of the scrap, steel and waste industries. The Cricket’s revolutionary, yet simple design provides an optimum level of detection capability for low intensity radioactive sources, on a continuous basis, in applications where radiation detection systems have never existed before. The level of detection capability will far exceed any conventional radiation detection system, including detection systems that are mounted on the boom of a crane, regardless of the detector size.

Mounting the in the grapple allows direct exposure to all the material being handled. There are three different opportunities to  measure all scrap material during the handling process. Because the system scans on a continuous basis, material is scanned  on the surface before the grab even picks up the load. Secondly, the grapple load is scanned for up to 10 seconds while in the  grapple. Finally, the material is scanned as it falls from the grapple.