ERK-525 Radiation Emergency Response Kit

ERK 525
Available on the LAURUS GSA Contract #GS-07F-0147T!

The ERK-525 is a complete, portable radiation monitoring system designed to measure a broad range of radioisotope contamination under field conditions. The system contains a state of the art, microprocessor based digital display meter that auto ranges and can detect most of the common alpha, beta & gamma radiation that is likely to be present in an emergency situation. The DSM-525 is a dual probe survey meter that measures contamination and dose levels from micro-R to 200 mR/hr levels of gamma isotopes (Based on 137-Cs calibration).  The instrument and accessories are contained in a very durable water resistant carrying case for easy storage and portability. The ERK-525 does not require changing probes to obtain the full operational benefits of the system; the user needs only to turn the selector switch to the desired probe and the rest of the operation is automatic.