The GMP-12SD/12UW represent the new design of Mirion external probes.  The casing with 35 mm diameter enables the probe re-calibration with most common calibration units. This external probe enhances the detection capability of Mirion RDS-31 meter family. They have been designed to fulfill the most demanding applications in nuclear industry, HLS & civil defense and industrial use. The GMP-12SD/12UW probes are intended for gamma and Xray radiation. The measured quantity is the H*(10) ambient dose rate equivalent.

The RDS-31 recognizes the probe connection and the user can select the appropriate type from the suggestion list to set the meter reading to desired measuring unit. The calibration coefficient for the GMP-12SD/12UW is delivered with the probes. The user can download the coefficient to the RDS- 31 meter with the CSW-31 configuration software.