GR-135/SYCLONE Upgrade/Retrofit


LAURUS Systems in partnership RadComm Systems has developed an advanced spectrometer technology that allows specific components of existing spectrometers to be retrofitted into RadComm’s State-of-the-Art SYCLONE series of portable RIID’s (handheld radio-isotope identification device). We now have the ability to upgrade and retro fit existing and potentially out of date or inoperable GR-135™ handheld spectrometers to the SYCLONE’s advanced technology.

By redeploying specific components from the older devices, we can now offer the end user a fundamentally brand new instrument. Our exclusive process involves the disassembly and removal of the existing and fully functioning sensors (including He3 and moderators if applicable). After thoroughly testing and certifying that the detectors are performing reliable and accurately, the reassembly process begins. The sensors are integrated with state-of-the-art electronics, boards, and display as well as a more durable and ergonomic case. The end result is an instrument that carries a full warranty at a fraction of the acquisition cost typically associated with new devices of this type.

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