Guardian Patriot

Nucsafe Guardian Patriot – Portable Radiation Search Tool

Nucsafe has been working with military and first response professionals from around the world in the development of the Guardian Patriot® Portable Radiation Search Tool (PRST). Guardian Patriot® is built to detect the presence of NORM, legal, and illicit radioactive materials. The system incorporates state of the art passive scanning technology to detect changes in radiation levels emitted by gamma, high energy beta, and neutrons contained on persons and in objects, vehicles, or containers.

The Guardian Patriot® exceeds the strict requirements that military professionals, law enforcement, and emergency responders demand on today’s complex missions. Guardian Patriot provides a detection system that is highly accurate, has maximum sensitivity, is rugged, and can be human or vehicle portable for multiple mission requirements. The Guardian Patriot® is capable of detecting and identifying a wide range of radioactive material. Additionally, the Guardian Patriot® identifies a wide variety of more common radionuclide and materials, including 40K, 60Co, 57Co, 137Cs, 192Ir, 226Ra, 241Am, 232Th and 201Tl.