FLIR identiFINDER R300 Handheld RIID


LAURUS features the Teledyne FLIR identiFINDER R300 (nanoRAIDER).  The identiFINDER R300 is a pager-sized Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector SPRD using Cadmium Zinc Telluride CZT .  The R300 is the world’s highest performing, pager-sized Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector SPRD. It provides continuous detection capability and full threat identification. The R300 can be deployed in place of existing Personal Radiation Detectors (PRD) with the added capability of identifying the radioisotope present. The simple two-button user interface facilitates expedited threat response. Visible, audible, and tactile alarms rapidly alert the operator via the easy-to-read color display. On-board Bluetooth®, web server, and GPS technologies make interagency communication easier than ever.

From One Touch Reachback™ to reliable radioisotope identification, the R300 is the most advanced SPRD available. With enough detector resolution to resolve complex spectra and enough stopping power to identify the full ANSI N42.48 library, the identiFINDER R300 is the ideal solution for belt-worn passive scanning, security checkpoints, border patrol, and first response.

Available on the LAURUS GSA Contract #GS-07F-0147T!