FLIR identiFINDER s900

identiFINDER S900

The FLIR identiFINDER® S900 is an autonomous sensor that delivers real-time radiation detection and identification. It detects the presence or movement of radioactive material across borders, into buildings, at large public gatherings, and events. It uses the same advanced template matching algorithms as the industry-leading identiFINDER® R-series to separate innocent material, such as medical patients, from threatening sources – a unique feature not offered by other area monitors. identiFINDER S900 units are available in a wide variety of form factors that can be tailored to application-specific environments and sensitivities. Deployment can begin with a standalone system and expand to include a network of systems as needs change. The detection units can be openly installed or concealed from view, allowing security personnel to interdict threats without alerting an individual it has been detected. It automatically calibrates and stabilizes without any user maintenance. The hassle-free operation and continuous data stream provided by identiFINDER S900 simplifies deployment and integration within existing security networks without disrupting daily activities.