Mini Rad-D – PRD for gamma radiation

Mini Rad-D Gamma PRD

The Mini Rad-D Gamma PRD Generation 3 builds upon the solid foundation of the Mini Rad-D.  It incorporates key improvements around product reliability and ruggedness in harsh environments. The Mini Rad-D is a highly portable, rugged, all-weather radiation detector that’s small enough to wear on a belt.  It is powerful enough to quickly locate low level radioactive sources, even in a warehouse full of boxes.

Designed to discreetly monitor any environment without intrusion or disruption of civilian activities, the Mini Rad-D can be set to notify the user by vibration or audible alarm whenever gamma radiation exceeds natural background levels. The Mini’s simple operation and highly readable display provide an automatically updated strength indicator in less than one (1) second, allowing a rapid area survey to identify the exact location of any radiation source.

Available on the LAURUS GSA Contract #GS-07F-0147T!