Rapiscan MobileTrace Explosives

Rapiscan MobileTrace Explosives Trace Detector

The MobileTrace® Explosives is a chemical detector designed for dedicated screening of explosives at checkpoints. It detects all major classes of explosives including peroxides, nitrate based and plastic explosives, as well as precursors and taggants. The MobileTrace® Explosives includes Rapiscan® Systems tested and widely adopted ITMS™ technology with simplified sample results for non-technical users. The unit will give strong visual notifications of alarms, without the need for technical analysis. There are just two simple trigger buttons and a simple operating process via the color LCD touchscreen.

The MobileTrace® Explosives also allows supervisors to create consistent directives throughout a fleet of trace devices, minimizing variability and reminding end users of the correct protocols and response to operational warnings. Since the 1990s, Rapiscan® Systems ITMS core technology has been adopted by governments around the world as a reliable, tested, and proven method to screen for trace levels of explosives. We are proud of our track record, and work with customers to deploy accurate, safe, and scientifically-validated technology.