Rapiscan MobileTrace

Rapiscan MobileTrace Handheld Trace Detector

MobileTrace®, the first simultaneous dual-mode handheld detector, expands the range of target explosives you can identify in a single sample for faster, more comprehensive security screening. Rapiscan® Systems patented ITMS™ (Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry) technology offers you the explosives and narcotics detection, sensitivity and reliability proven at military bases, border crossings, airports, and other critical security checkpoints around the world.

MobileTrace® gives you the flexibility to swipe surfaces for trace particles or to analyze vapors.

Particle swipe: MobileTrace® conveniently uses standard Rapiscan® Systems sample traps. The Teflon®-coated traps are swiped across a surface and inserted into the system for analysis. Typical sampling objects include clothing, skin, baggage, cargo, vehicles, containers, tickets and ID cards.

Vapor sampling: Vapors are drawn through a nozzle directly into the system for analysis. Typical sampling objects.