RAD-60 Personal Electronic Dosimeter

RAD-60 Personal Electronic Alarming Dosimeter

The RAD-60 Personal Alarming Dosimeter is a precise and reliable instrument for monitoring radiation exposure ensuring the personal safety of the user. The RAD-60 is used for all forms of radiation exposure monitoring including by those subject occupational radiation monitoring and first responders. It is easy to use the instrument that is ideal for any individual who wishes to monitor and track his personal radiation exposure due to a nuclear accident or the unexpected release of radiation.

This device is the best solution for those who want to be able to configure radiation dose and dose rate alarms and be able to retrieve their radiation exposure information. Since the RAD-60 uses off-the-shelf AAA batteries, it is economical to operate and maintain. Since it is available in both R (Rem) and S (Sievert) versions, it can be used anywhere in the world where reliable radiation exposure monitoring is required. The ergonomic design includes state-of-the-art technology with built-in memory for retrieving radiation dose, even if the unit loses power. It is unaffected by outside interference from shock and RF and boasts an easy to read digital display.


  • Digital display for integrated dose and dose rate
  • User selectable alarm levels for dose and dose rate
  • Energy compensated Si diode
  • Advanced mathematical dose rate linearization
  • Splash-proof mechanical construction
  • High impact plastic case
  • Enhanced EMI immunity
  • Standard AAA battery for 1800 h of operation
Available on the LAURUS GSA Contract #GS-07F-0147T!