The Rad-DX is a wireless mesh networked radiation detector with a sensitive scintillation detector which allows it to detect discreet sources of radiation in less than one second. Dual versions are available; with and without display. External audible and visual alarms are available for high noise and/or industrial applications. We also offer the Rad-DX SafeGuard model for harsh outdoor environments.

The Rad-DX operates on the new and exclusive D-tect SensorNet – an automatic communication network that allows users to monitor a full network of Rad-DX’s as well as other SensorNet enabled devices. No loss of communication will occur as long as the devices are in range of a single mesh enabled device (up to 1000 meters)! The Rad-DX units will automatically form an intelligent, self-healing mesh network, allowing them to be constantly connected to each other as well as to the user network.