RadEye HEC+

RadEye HEC+ Alpha/Beta Sample Counter

The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ HEC+ portable sample counting system, providing simultaneous alpha and beta radiation measurements. Readings are automatically logged for later retrieval to a PC. The system incorporates a 50 mm (2”) windowless, low noise, dual phosphor scintillation detector that is sensitive for beta emitters from approximately 10 keV, low energy X-ray emitters from approximately 3 keV and alpha emitters. The detector is mated to a sliding drawer accommodating up to 60 mm (2.36 inch) diameter samples. Using a height-adjustable sampling area, the drawer permits the use of different sample types and must slide fully to the rear to initiate the counting.

The housing is made of durable plastic to withstand even rough handling. The built-in handle, in combination with the battery option, allows up to 800 hours field use before recharging.

The last 4500 values of the measured data in the selected measuring units are recorded internally and can be read out via USB interface. Additionally, the RadEye HEC+ sample counting system logs the last 250 alarms, errors and changes of the configuration. All events are time stamped and can be read out via USB interface. The characteristic features of the RadEye HEC+ sample counting system are the use of sophisticated low power technology components and microprocessor based fully automatic self checks. No maintenance is required.