SARAD Radon Scout eXpert – Radon Monitor

SARAD RadScout eXpert - Radon Monitor

The growing market demand and customer expectations are the reason that SARAD designed and developed the new Radon detection monitor for high precision reference measurements.

The Radon Scout eXpert offers an outstanding sensitivity of 25 cpm/(kBq/m³). Moreover, due to the unique detector technology, the instrument will not be affected by any variations in temperature and humidity, external radiation, mechanical shocks, and vibrations. The new Radon monitor comes with a well-established SARAD communication protocol which allows data transfer with the proprietary software or integration within an existing infrastructure. Not only a USB interface but also relay output and Wi-Fi connection are provided. For easy use of the device, it is equipped with display and control buttons. Direct start/stop and measurement evaluation without the need for external control unit like a PC. LEDs indicators provide information about Radon threshold violation, battery, and measurement status. Internal calculation routines allow not only to display the actual and average Radon values but also the estimated dose. Due to its high sensitivity, Radon Scout eXpert can be used as a reference instrument in calibration labs or science facilities and also as a supreme measurement unit at places where quick and reliable Radon assessment is required, whether in Bq or MBq range.