The RADSampler is a compact yet highly sensitive laboratory gamma spectrometer. Developed as a desktop unit it quickly and accurately analyzes of any small object to ensure it is free of radioactive contaminates. The RADSampler’s lead lined analyzer chamber virtually eliminates ambient background radiation producing ultra-clean, highly accurate test results.

RADSampler Basic version allows a user to isolate up to four (4) Regions Of Interest (ROI) of the energy range spectrum and set specific alarm thresholds. This isolation allows for quicker results to quickly detect the four most common isotopes found in the metal manufacturing industries maintaining production at an absolute maximum.

RADSampler Advanced takes the user to the next level of detection and identification capability. With a large Isotope Library it can accurately identify specific and multiple isotopes within any given sample. RADSampler Advance is suitable for any industry that is concerned about potential contaminated product and/or incoming material that requires testing.