Rapiscan METORNET 10 Software


The Rapiscan MetorNet 10 software collects data from each person passing through the Metor walk-through metal detectors. This data can be summarized, shared by email or save in easy-to-read statistical reports. You can use either standard reporting templates or create and save your own reporting shortcuts for reports most commonly used.

MetorNet 10 saves on operation costs by enabling efficient allocation of resources. It fits into an existing Ethernet network and the MetorNet 10 server operates on a Windows 10 Pro x64, also on virtualized OS. User interface operates over a standard web browser, to be used via desktop or laptop PCs, mobile phones or tablets.

MetorNet 10 allows you to see the traffic and alarm levels of the Metors. The monitoring view gives you a quick overall look of lines with high, medium or low traffic in a real time. This helps to allocate your resources better and statistical reports helps plan resources for long runs.