Rapiscan RTT110 Explosive Detection system

RAPISCAN RTT110 – Explosive Detection System (EDS).

The RTT®110 high speed Explosive Detection System (EDS) was designed from the ground up. With its stationary gantry it does not suffer from costly maintenance common with rotating gantries. It benefits from fewer moving parts and built in redundancy designed to ensure the highest levels of system availability for the most demanding aviation security environments. The intuitive user interface provides comprehensive diagnostic and report management and can be accessed locally or via Rapiscan®’s offsite service network.

The RTT®110 is revolutionizing the EDS market by providing exceptional performance and significantly lower cost of ownership. The RTT®110 produces high quality 3D images, delivered to the level 2 screener typically before the item has even left the machine.

With its unique stationary gantry design and belt speed of 0.5m/s the RTT®110 produces industry leading full volumetric CT images at high speed without compromising on security. Together with its dynamic spacing window between bags, the RTT®110 can easily maintain 1800 bags per hour.