RadComm RC22 and RC23 Wand Radiation Detectors


LAURUS Systems offers the RadComm RC22 and RC23 Wand handheld extender radiation detectors.  Detect and monitor radiation in steel, scrap metal and waste with this convenient handheld extender instrument.   A robust, durable, and versatile handheld instrument, the RC22 and RC23 Wands expand the “Search and Find” capability by allowing the user to monitor areas that have been previously inaccessible. Like it’s big brother, the RC2, it is capable of detecting low radiation intensity levels from radioactive materials buried in scrap metal. Available in multiple detector volumes and telescoping lengths.

RC22 is telescopic for a reach of 49” (124.5cm) to 99” (251.5cm). The telescopic pole serves two functions, one is to reach and scan an area that would normally be out of reach, and the second is to provide a safer operating distance between you and a potential radioactive source. The Wand is available in two different detector head sizes. The RC22 has a detector head size of 2 inches (5.1cm) for a total volume of 193cc. For greater sensitivity, the RC23 has a detector head size of 3 inches (7.6cm) for a total volume of 442cc.