RC7000-Spectroscopic Vehicle Monitor


The RC7000 series of radiation detectors represent the next level in radiation detection, by utilizing gamma spectroscopy and isotope identification technologies.

The RC7000 uses large volume, high quality, Sodium Iodide crystal scintillators. This technology is specifically designed to enhance a radiation detection systems ability to recognize specific gamma energies which can adversely affect alarm thresholds. The RC7000 uses a series of advanced isotopic identification algorithms to provide best in class detection and identification.

  • RC7000 – Sodium Iodide crystal detector
  • RC7100 – Mixed detector, having both PVT and 1-2 crystal scintillators
  • Systems can include any number, or combination, of PVT, Crystal & mixed detectors
  • Existing PVT based systems can be upgraded to include RC7000 and RC7100 detectors
  • All systems have optional neutron capability