Thermo RIIDEye X Handheld RIID

Available on the LAURUS GSA Contract #GS-07F-0147T!

Without the need for regular calibration and built to last with no need for repair and service, the Thermo Scientific™ RIIDEye™X Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier offers you the lowest cost of ownership. The unique, patented QCC algorithm maximizes the scintillation detector capabilities. It resolves difficult to see low energy peaks by expanding the number of channels, while simultaneously compressing the high energy peaks which improves the signal-to-noise ratio.

The RIIDEye X operator can view the real-time spectra build of isotopes present in the environment as the identification scan is in process. Isotopes are color coded to visually alert the operator to the presence of benign, threatening or unknown sources and indicates the moment an accurate identification is made. When activated, SNM Assist automatically calculates and alternately displays the optimal ID scan time, for the current environment, with the actual time remaining.