Scantrak is a portable digital X-ray system with a range of different sized image capture units (ICUs). It is used by a variety of users which include police, military, customs and public safety agencies as well as prison and facility managers to search and examine items safely in the field.

Scantrak is easily set up and deployed within minutes by one person and can be configured for a variety of operating environments. It is supplied with a choice of X-ray generators, different size Image Capture Units (ICUs), standard, notebook or ruggedized laptops and has wireless and ROV capabilities. Operators can control the X-ray generator and capture images safely from the laptop using proprietary Scanview software. Images are transmitted instantaneously via a data transmission cable or through an optional wireless network. Multiple exposures can be taken without the need to re-approach the target. Scanview software allows images to be enhanced, stitched, rotated and stored for evidential purposes. Areas of interest can be isolated for closer scrutiny while measurement and grid tools help with Bomb Disposal tasks. Images can be annotated and exported in windows formats for report writing or printing.