Thermo Micro R/Micro Sv

Thermo Micro R/Micro Sv Survey Meter

The Micro Rem and Micro Sievert models are lightweight, portable survey meters for applications where accurate dose rate measurements of low radiation levels are required. Accurate down to background levels, the Micro Rem and Micro Sievert read absorbed dose rate directly so no conversion from mR/h is required.  The tissue-equivalent scintillator used in the Micro Rem and Micro Sievert gives them a nearly flat, rem energy response. This rem response is based on the deep dose equivalent index for 1 cm (0.39”) depth, uniparallel directional beam as calculated on the ICRU standard sphere.

These instruments give tissue equivalent photon response for x-ray and gamma radiation from environmental levels of 0-20 μrem/h (o-0.2 μ Sv/h) full scale up to normal survey levels of 200 mrem/h (2 mSv/h) full scale.

Rugged construction and quality components make the Micro Rem and Micro Sievert durable, and they are easy to service. Internal components are laid out on modular circuit boards. Span, HV and calibration pots (one for each range) are clearly marked.