Thermo RadEye SPRD Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector


LAURUS sells the Thermo RadEye SPRD Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector.  The RadEye SPRD provides radiation detection and isotope ID to border and port security and emergency response.  NBR is a technology used to eliminate fluctuating natural background levels while measuring radiation. This proprietary and patented technology is used to quickly differentiate between natural and artificial radiation.  It strips away any natural  background radiation that is registering, delivering you a more accurate result of artificial radiation levels.

The RadEye SPRD offers the next generation of NBR. The added fidelity of the new multi-channel NBR algorithm provides higher sensitivity.  It positively differentiates between natural and man-made radiation during search and find operation.  The RadEye SPRD provides better detection performance against masked isotopes. Once an alarm indicates the presence of significant gamma radiation the RadEye SPRD can automatically switch into radionuclide identification mode for immediate analysis. The editable trigger list allows users to select nuclides of concern from a list that includes all in the ANSI N42.48 standard. Users may also define custom subsets based on their areas of interest such as medical or industrial applications.

Available on the LAURUS GSA Contract #GS-07F-0147T!