SARAD Radon Scout Plus – Radon Monitor

SARAD RadScout Plus - Radon Monitor

The Radon Scout offers the highest sensitivity of its class exceeding the sensitivity of its competitors many times. This results in the lowest detection limit and statistical error. The thousands of times proven and US-EPA certified instrument will show the time distribution of Radon even at levels below 100 Bq/m³. Thus, meteorological influences as well as ventilation effects can be detected easily.

Due to its outstanding sensitivity, the instrument is perfectly suited for direct controlling of ventilation equipment by a potential-free switch contact. As an accessory, we offer a wireless switch which can be directly connected to the instrument. Thus, very low effort is required to control fans such as kitchen hoods, wall or window ventilators anywhere in your home. It is even possible to upgrade older instruments. The switch threshold for the Radon Scout is fixed to the EU target value of 300Bq/m³ whilst the Radon Scout Plus allows user specific settings.