SARAD RTM 2200 Soil Gas Radon Thoron Monitor

SARAD RTM2200 - Radon-Thoron Monitor (soil and gas)

The new RTM 2200 Soil Gas is the ultimate tool for a quick, accurate and reliable in situ Radon soil gas measurement (DIN EN ISO 11665-11) by a single keystroke. The implemented sampling cycle covers the determination of the soil permeability as well as the chamber flushing with fresh air at the end of the measurement. A water inlet protection switches off the pump in case of accidentally sucking of ground water. The integrated GPS receiver makes the later mapping of sampling points easy. The principle of real alpha spectroscopy over the entire measurement range makes the instrument the first choice for soil gas measurements. The advantages in overview:

  • Fastest possible response and decay time; no delay times
  • No interference by Thoron (Rn-220 – will be measured separately)
  • No long-term contamination by Po-210 even at permanent measurements at high Radon concentrations