SARAD Smart Radon Sensor – Radon Monitor

SARAD Smart Radon Sensor - Radon Monitor

SARAD’s Smart Radon Sensor is a detector technology that defines a new level of Radon monitoring in buildings and at workplaces as requested by the recently introduced EU radiation protection regulations.  The Smart Radon Sensor offers a very high sensitivity in a very small and shapely housing. Due to the detector technology, the instrument will not be affected by any variations of temperature and humidity, external radiation, mechanical shocks and vibrations. The measurement starts as soon as the power is connected. Various interfaces for system integration are available.

The RS485 network interface can be operated either with the MODBUS RTU (industrial standard) or the proprietary SARAD protocol. The analogous output makes it easy to connect the Smart Radon Sensor to existing PLC’s. A stand-alone ventilation control system can be easily realized by the alert switch output. If no data line is available, the optionally integrated ZigBee wireless interface can be used for connection to a host system.